Cloudberry Jam


I’m really excited to have found these swedish jams in my local health food shop.
I’m especially excited about the Cloudberry jam. Cloudberries are known as The Yellow Gold or Arctic Gold in Sweden with good reasons, they are incredibly rare and extremely hard to find. This rebellious berry won’t be controlled, it can’t really be cultivated, the soil and temperature has to be just right. I love the fact that they are tough as nails, they can withstand -40° but if something is a bit skewed in its environment it won’t play ball. If the conditions are right on the other hand this magical berry, ripened under the midnight sun, gives you an extraordinary health gift: Pure Sun Energy, Amazing Amounts of Vitamin C, Vitamin A and Ellagic Acid which might fight cancer and wrinkles. A yellow happiness berry that tastes like nothing else.  ♥L
Cloudberry Jam


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