Happy Fettisdag!


In Sweden we don’t prepare for lent with pancakes, instead we indulge in something even more fatty, a semla, or two.
This very semla was the last one from Scandinavian Kitchen.
The lovely boys from the scandi cafe’ have sold a whopping 1300 today!
I popped in before my nutrition course which is just around the corner, and it felt slightly bad to stare at a wheat bun stuffed with cream and marzipan whilst learning about phytochemicals and how to sprout seeds, so I shoved it in my bag, hence the squashed appearance.
I tried to pimp it up with some extra icing sugar when I got home, not sure it helped.
Now I’m going to enjoy my semla.
But thank heavens it was the last one, semlor is dangerous stuff the swedish King Adolf Fredrik died in 1771 after having eaten to many semlor.

Happy Fettisdag!


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