Crispy Kale

Crispy Kale

The kids want kale after school EVERY day!!!
I can’t belive it myself.

Kale is one of the healthiest vegetables around brimming with vitamins like C, A and K, researchers have found  no less than 45 different flavonoids in kale and it’s also very detoxifying.

This weeks veg-box was full of kale and I decided to follow my friend The American Resident’s recipe for crispy kale HERE.

It’s so easy to do: Wash the leaves, dry them really well. Put coconut oil or olive oil on your hands and cover the leaves. (Some people cut the stalk off, but I eat it). Arrange them in one layer on a baking try and bake in the oven (190°) for 10-20 minutes, until they are crispy. Sprinkle Himalayan crystal salt on top and serve immediately.



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