Raw Flat Bread

raw bread

I can’t recommend these raw flat breads made from sprouted buckwheat enough.
Being raw they are not baked but dehydrated in 40 celsius.
They are gluten, wheat and yeast free and really nutritious, perfect as an afternoon snack when you need a little pick me up.
My favorite is the Raw Onion Bread with lashings of organic butter.
The Chocolate bread is surprisingly good with cheddar cheese. And  the Chia bread and Broccoli bread are is also very good.

Unfortunately the rest of the family are not to keen, or actually it’s quite good, I can have them all to my self, they are not super cheap £7 for 4 slices, 350g and £4.25 for 2 slices, 170g.

Growing up in Sweden hard crunchy flat breads are a staple with every meal, maybe my utterly british boys are just not used to it.  Yet.

You can buy Pura Vidas raw bread here.

raw bread


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