Super Nutritious Sea Spaghetti


Happy Monday everyone!
Another raw product that I try to incorporate in our diet is highly nutritious Sea Spaghetti absolutely packed full of goodness like potassium, magnesium, iron zinc, iodine and vitamin C.

Sea spaghetti grows in natural seaweed fields in the North sea and the Baltic Sea  and it grows in this tagliatelle shape, hence some raw food purists use it instead of pasta. I could never do that!
Can’t say I enjoy the taste of Sea weed too much, so I need to disguise it a bit.
I make a paste of avocado and lemon and seasoning and serve it in small quantities with a meal.

1. Soak a handful of sea spaghetti for about an hour.
2. Rinse really well.
3. Blend 1/2 avocado, half a lemon, salt & pepper (tamarind if you have) with a hand mixer.
4. Mix with the spaghetti and let it marinade for a while.




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