Fermenting Beetroot


I just love beetroot!
So juicy and sweet and full of iron!
Fermenting thin slices together with dill (so helpful for digestion) and red cabbage (great for detoxing) upgrades the nutrients.
The result tastes delish and goes perfect with your Christmas lunch.
If you need more iron but don’t  want to include meat beetroot are a great alternative. And if you have teenagers at home who do a lot of sports you might want to include beetroots in their diets to make sure they get enough iron.

Fermenting Beetroot

– 450 gram beetroot

– 220 gram red cabbage plus the stem

– handful of dill

– Brine: 15g himalayan crystal salt to 1 litre of water


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2 thoughts on “Fermenting Beetroot

  1. I was just sat in my kitchen thinking what to do with some beetroot I bought from the organic veggie market, and voila!!

    Thank you!

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