My Health Column in Scan Magazine


Woo Hoo!
My second health column in Scan Magazine, a monthly magazine showcasing Scandinavian brands around the world.
You can read the article about what foods to indulge in, to get great skin here. (page 98)
( My first column about super foods you already have lurking in your cupboard is here page 96)
Or  you can pick up a copy in scandi related hotspots in the UK, Germany, The Netherlands, The United States and Scandinavian countries.
X Lisa


Video: How to use a Spiralizer


 A spiralizer is fun and a great way to get more raw vegetables into your diet.
It’s my favourite kitchen gadget at the moment, it’s extremely satisfying churning out the veg spaghetti and the kids love it.

XXX Lisa

Nutrition Expert Dr Brian Clement in London 21st June

Hi Friends,

Dr Brian Clement a world leader within health and nutrition is in London the 21st June speaking about how to obtain optimum health and how to reverse the effects of premature aging.

I went to an event in March and was blown away!
He’s a seriously inspirational speaker and his knowledge about health and nutrition is boundless!

Tickets are only £42.50 (they are normally double that!) and a Gourmet raw lunchbox is also included in the price!

Get your tickets here:

Hope to see you there!
X Lisa
How to obtain optimum health by Dr Brian Clement, Saturday June 21st, Regents University
Reverse the Effects of Premature Aging & Heal Disease
Dr Brian Clement, Ph.D., N.M.D., L.N., a naturopathic doctor, nutritionist and author of more than 20 books, is the director of the world renowned Hippocrates Health Institute.  Since 1953, the Hippocrates Health Institute has spearheaded the international progressive health movement and pioneered wheatgrass therapy, green juice therapy and the increasingly popular raw food movement.  A frequent guest on television, radio, has been widely published, and acts as a resource expert for several publications; he has been recognised for this significant contribution in the field of modern health care by “Who’s Who among outstanding Americans”.
Trailblazers in the Field of Natural & Complimentary Health Care
Over the last half century Dr Clement and his team have pioneered clinical research and training in disease and prevention using hundreds of thousands of participants who provided volumes of data, giving Dr Clement a deep understanding into the lifestyle required to prevent premature ageing and disease, enhance longevity, and maintain optimum health.
Agenda for the Day:
  1. An outline of the principles of the Life Transformation Programme, which has evolved at the institute over 60 years, utilising data from tens of thousands of functional tests.  The Life Transformation Programme provides the ultimate approach to health, natural beauty and longevity.
  2. We will continue with discussions regarding Dr Clements’ extensive clinical research and observations which have afforded him a unique insight into how we can prevent premature ageing and disease.
  3. Not all supplements are created equal, and we will learn more about how the vast majority of supplements on the market today may be at best ineffective, at worst toxic.  Naturally-occurring supplements are what our bodies need: highly digestible food-based supplements derived from plants grown in rich, organic soils.  Learn which supplements can best effect rejuvenation, delay pre-mature ageing and support well-being.
  4. The day will end with an extended question and answer session.

Doors open at 10am – get there early for the opportunity to purchase discounted supplements and greet friends.  Lecture starts at 10.30am and finishes at 4.30pm.  There will be an hour for lunch which can be taken in the stunning formal gardens.  Doors close at 5pm.

Bookings & Info: / 0800 731 8294 / 020 8299 9983
Venue: Tuke Hall, Regents University London, Regents Park, NW1 4NS

Early Bird Tickets include a Hippocrates inspired gourmet lunch box from Nama* (

Do you bruise easily? Get more Flavanoids and Vitamin C in your diet


Do you easily get bruised?
That could be an indication you need to include more flavonoids and vitamin C in your diet.

Flavonoids and Vitamin C help protect blood vessels from rupture or leakage, without them the capillary walls may start to leak and to much protein and fluids escapes.
Researchers believe that flavonoids and Vitamin C they are working together by improving each others antioxidant activity.

If you are a woman and also suffer from heavy periods It can be a sign that you need to eat a lot more fruit and vegetables.

Other symptoms to look out for are breast tenderness, frequent colds and infections, haemorrhoids and thread veins.

Flavonoids are substances found in plants and they are basically responsible for all the brilliant colours of yellow, orange, red, blue and purple in fruits, berries and vegetables.

Good sources are  dark  coloured berries like blueberries, bilberries and blackberries, as well as grapes.

If it got a fab (natural) colour you want to eat it!

There are also a lot of flavonoids in the pith and peel of citrus fruits.

A great way to make sure you get enough flavonoids is so to add some grated lime or other citrus fruit to your soup, stew or in your smothie.
Cooking destroys some of the activity so it’s best to add it at the end.


Why You Should Avoid Fructose


We all know that to much sugar is bad for us, the more we devour the more insulin the body produce.
This in turn makes us fat, increases our appetite, increase the amount of fat that goes into storage AND it blocks the ability of the body to use stored fat as energy!

And it’s the fructose in sugar which is mostly responsible.

Ordinary sugar contains 50% glucose and 50% fructose. Glucose travels around the body and is used as fuel or is turned into fat but fructose does not travel around, it stays put in the abdomen and the liver turns it into visceral tummy fat….

As you probably know fat can be either stored under the skin or inside the abdomen, the fat in the abdomen that’s covering the organs is the visceral fat that gives an apple shape and it’s very unhealthy.

In a trial a 2 groups were asked to drink beverages on top of their normal diet, one group had their drinks sweetened with glucose and the other with fructose, after 10 weeks both groups had gained the same amount of weight but the glucose group had gained fat evenly around their bodies whereas the fructose group had gained a lot more dangerous visceral fat on the middle.

Fructose is being pushed as a healthy alternative, it has low GI (does not affect blood sugar so much) but this is only because the liver turns it into visceral fat.

There is More:

Fructose can also deactivate leptin, which our bodies produce when we have had enough to eat.
Without it we would feel hungry all the time, and if that was not enough leptin also boosts metabolism AND helps the body use fat stores as energy!

So as you can see calorie counting is such I waste of time It’s all about how the body deals with the food.

The worst fructose out there is High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) a cheep and very sweet substance derived from corn. You’ll find it in soft drinks, cakes biscuits, processed foods basically. HFCS can contain up to 90% fructose.

Bring a magnifying glass when you go shopping!

But what about the fructose in fruits?
Whole fruits are different they come with important fibre and are packed with health promoting nutrients, so you should defiantly include fruits in your diet!
But when juicing think more in the lines of fresh vegetables, berries and herbs and use only small amounts of fruits in your juice.
Especially apple and pear juice on their own contain way to much sugar, but as whole fruits they are great!

XX Lisa

New Healthy Products

new prod Kit 6 years old!
Hi there, life took over there for a while 🙂 but I’m back!

I found a couple of new helpful and healthy products in my local health food store that I want to recommend.
(For the record I have nothing to do with any of these companies)

The first one are yummy Chia Pods. They come in different flavours like mango, blueberry, banana and vanilla. They are made from fruit purée, coconut milk and chia seeds. Of course it’s beyond easy to make your own, but you have to prepare them a couple of hours before serving. I had a bunch of kids over for a play date the other day and served these pods as a healthy pudding as chia seeds contains important omega 3 fatty acids and fibre.

Apart from butter, we are a dairy free family and rely on rice milk as a milk substitute. I was super pleased to finally find a rice milk made from brown rice! It means there’s a bigger chance some of the nutrients from the rice are still there 🙂 This one is from Rude health. I tastes almost exactly the same as white rice milk and I do like the packaging as well.

Spaghetti made from legumes are popping up all over, I’m big on legumes and beans anyway and this is a fab contribution to my none-gluten-pasta-collection.

I have written about Co Yo coconut yoghurts before, but the raw chocolate flavour was new to me. Blinking hell it was amazing! It contains coconut milk, cacao, tapioca starch and xylitol.

XX Lisa