Video: Hooray It’s Veg Box Day

Hi, so yesterday was veg box day and this is a little celebratory video about my weekly delivery ūüôā


Detox Your Home: Cordless Phones


I have just binned my beautiful white Alessi cordless phone.
It has been unplugged¬†for a year but it’s been hard to actually throw it away because I love the shape and colour ūüôā

It’s all to do with detoxing my home.

Electromagnetic radiation is REALLY bad for our health and cordless phones are exceedingly bad!

The radiation it emits can damage cells, making tumors and cancer more likely.

It’s the docking station or base that is the culprit here.
And where do we normally keep our cordless phone? Yep, next to our bed.

This is really harmful, not just for DNA damage but it also affects our sleep in a bad way.

The best thing you can do for your health is to bin the cordless phone and install an old-fashioned one with a cord.
If that is not an option, at least take it out of your bedroom.

And of course children¬†should be kept far, far away from cordless phones, their brains are still developing and the EMF’s are particularly bad for them!
This is also true for mobile phones if you let your kids play with them,  put it on airplane mode.

PS. There are a lot of things out there that are¬†terrible for¬†our health, things we are powerless to change, but at least we can make cleaner and healthier choices for our homes. Knowledge is power ūüôā

XX Lisa

Detox Your Home: Scented Candles


A gorgeous scented candle is an everyday luxury associated with relaxing me-time, unfortunately that  lovely candle might also make your home toxic.

So what’s the problem:

Some candles produce toxic chemicals that cause problems for our health especially for children and for people with asthma and excema and weak immune systems.

Scented candles produce more soot than un-scented ones and with that comes¬†particles of tin, lead and cadmium. It’s also the actual¬†scent that cause problems some of the ingredients¬†have been linked to hormonal and ¬†reproductive problems and even cancer. Chemicals in some scented candles might also harm your nervous system, heart and circulatory system.

But all is not lost!!

This is what you can do to minimize the bad health effects:

1. Stay clear of the mass-produced cheap candles made from paraffin wax (a by-product of the petroleum industry), synthetic fragrances and dyes and colourings. These are not good for your health! Unfortunately the majority of scented candles sold in the UK belongs to this category.

2. If you happen to come across a candle with a wick made of metal, bin it, lead can be omitted out into your room.

3. Make sure the candle you burn is made from Beeswax or Soy and that the fragrance is made from natural perfumes. Yes, it means that your candle will be  top of the range and expensive!

4. Never ever burn a scented candle around babies and children, not even the natural ones!!

5. Make sure the room is well ventilated. A small bathroom is not an ideal place!

6. Don’t let the candle burn for hours on end, with a good quality candle this should not even be necessary..

XX Lisa

Healthy Treat: Chocolate Covered Mulberries


Just because I avoid sugar and chemically laden candy doesn’t mean my 2 boys are on the same page, FAR from it!

I would never forbid them to eat candy and cakes when they are with friends but at home I try to come up with OK alternatives.

I have to say I was pretty happy with the Organic Raw Chocolate Covered Mulberries I found in my local health food store the other day.

Dried fruit should be eaten with slight caution because of the high sugar content but Mulberries contains quite  large amounts of proteins so they are a good choice.
They are also a good source of Vitamin C, Iron, Potassium, Magnesium and Vitamin K, and Raw Cacao comes with lovely antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

But did they taste any good?
I was sold,¬†so was my 9-year-old, by the time we picked up his little brother, the bag was empty so we don’t know if it was a thumbs up from him as well..

XX Lisa

Detox Your Home: Dry Cleaning


The other day I saw a beautifully cut plain cotton¬†t-shirt from a top end british designer (no names, but she don’t¬†use leather)¬†the t-shirt was made from organic cotton Yay!….BUT it’s dry clean only… It’s so irritating!

Of course you can wash it in 30 degrees, but¬†it’s so annoying¬†these people are not¬†fully onboard.
They¬†make the effort producing a t-shirt in organic cotton, but¬†then they slap a dry cleaning label on when it’s not necessary! So no, I didn’t get it.

There are around 80.000 chemicals on the market and  new ones are introduced every year.
Only a small proportion of these have been tested for the long-term effects on our health.
Children are more at risk from these toxins because of rapid cell division when they grow.

One of these hazardous chemicals is perchloro-etylene and this one is introduced to your family when you bring your dry cleaning home.

Actually, to call it dry cleaning is a bit misleading. The process is not really about cleaning but about soaking the garment in a nice little chemical cocktail that draws out stains and make the clothes look nice, but the chemicals are not rinsed away.

Sure, some clothes just can’t be¬†washed in water and the best way to reduce¬†the amount¬†of perchloro-etylene you bring into your house is to remove the plastic covers as soon as you get home¬†and hang the clothes outside for a good old airing. A couple of hours is ideal, but at least until the dry-cleaning smell is gone.

XX Lisa

Coconut Oil: Health Benefits


I absolutely adore Raw Cold Pressed Organic Coconut Oil.
I love the taste, the smell and all its amazing health benefits! It’s a true Super Food!

Coconut oil is a saturated fat made out of medium chain triglycerides.
It’s metabolised in a different way to other fats, It’s basically transported straight to the liver where it’s¬†turned into energy.
The body burns the coconut oil in the same way as it burns carbohydrates and it’s not heading straight for the fat cells like other fats.

It helps stimulate and raise your metabolism and boost your thyroid activity, you will also feel full for longer, so a win win on the keeping lean front ūüôā

But the benefits don’t stop there!

Coconut oil raises the good cholesterol (HDL) and lowers the bad one (LDL).
It’s helps to protect your liver from toxins.
It’s anti viral and anti fungal, (you can use it both topically and eat it for conditions like herpes and nail fungus).
And since it is a saturated oil it has a high smoke point, meaning you can fry in it without causing damage to the oil.

there’s more….

It’s an excellent moisturizer for your body and a great hair treatment, super efficient and super cheap!

XX Lisa